Guarantor between Zawar and Tour Operator ( Salar )

Go to Ziaraat through us and enjoy your journey amicabely and friendly. We as a guarantor between you ( Zawar ) and tour operator ( Salar ) for the facilities which T.O. has comitted.

Traditional Way

The traditional way for ziaraat, willing and prefer to go with the T.O. from the city where you are living. No guarantee that T.O. ( Salar ) will provide all facilities which he is being stated. We have heard ove the years that Zawar suffers due to the abusive behaviour of the T.O. ( Salar ), not provided the right facilities like transport, hotel,food and etc., sometimes he ran away from the border or from any where else.

Best Way

The traditionaly way is very risky because it has many flawa in it that you guys know very well and some unexpressable.

We are intoducing the new and best ideas of travelling for Ziaraat, select us for better services as a guarantor between you people and T.O. ( Salar ). If you travel through us, we make sure that you will be provided all facilities which any T.O. will be committedin writing before your journey will be commenced.

We will provide you one questionare for the behaviour and services provided by the T.O. ( Salar ), filled properly and submit us after come back from Ziaraat, this will help for the improvement of our and T.O. services.

After submitting the questionare from you, we will review, assess the rating of T.O. ( Salar ), improve and build the concrete relationship between Zawar and T.O. ( Salar ).

Widest Choices of Ziaraat

We have many salars from different cities, who have different ranges with different facilities

Guarantor between Zawar & Salaar

We are introducing the new and best of traveling to the Ziaraat, that is using our services, through which we are being the guarantor between Salar and Zawar. If you travel with our Salar then we make sure that he will provide every single facility that he has stated in this advertisement and if you are in the middle of your travel and the Salar is not co-operating or has not provided a certain facility you can contact us and we will make sure that he provides you (Zawar) with that facility and when you come back you can review the Salar and give him ratings and if he has the provided a certain facility even after you contacted us then we will take legal action upon him and will make sure a safe travel for the traveler.

Choose your Best Price

We have different packaged with prices varying greatly from luxury hotels with luxurious transport and with cheap hotels and cheap transport, so we have a wide variety of choices for the user to choose from depending on his price range and needs.

Instant Online Booking of Ziaraat

You can today book with us without a hassle in just minutes with the different payment gateways that we are providing.

Best opportunity platform for Ziaraat

We believe in the user satisfaction which is our primary goal to achieve.